श्री रामराज्य का आर्थिक पोषण प्रारंभ करें। 

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Ramrajya Prashasan, Ayodhyapuri is intend to establish a Corpus Fund of Rupees 100 Crores for Shri Ramrajya Kosh, Ayodhya for a better Advertisement and Promotion of Ramrajya activities in all over world for a prosperous and peace.

Your great efforts are welcomed to support this establishment of Corpus, Your every financial support will motivate our team to move forward for Ramrajya work at global basis.

Our Target- Rs 100 Crores Only (starts from 16th May 2021)

Present achievement- waiting ………

Everyone be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy in Ramrajya.- Ramrajya Prashasan


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