Raja Ramchandra ki Jai,

The Ayodhya, First Global Capital is under the Global Online Discussion on Anti Corona Fight for the shake of Global Citizens.

Ramrajya Means No Disease to the citizen !!!

How ???

With the Help of Tenacity(तप) and Modesty (मर्यादा).

Tenacity for Kings or Rulers.

Modesty for Citizens and Kings Both.

If you want Ramrajya system of Ruling in overall world’s countries, then just start discussion on the issue.

I Ramrajya Adminstrator is available with our team for discussion for 24×7 till the Corona Virus defeat.

Discussion starts now………

Major Topics

  1. How corona virus can counter through traditional and ancient therapies
  2. What is Tenacity and Modesty
  3. How we can follow Tenacity and Modesty
  4. How a disease free citizens Rule may setup
  5. What is more important Health or Wealth
  6. How we can make balance between Health and Wealth
  7. How Ramrajya system of of Rule can impose to the world’s nation
  8.  and any other topic needed for corona virus defeat is needed